Safety first! Multifactor authentication for Fluenta login – give it a go

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We consider data safety a top priority, so the Fluenta system supports multifactor authentication, or in other words, two-step verification login. 

We know how much power there is in system data, so we do all we can to make sure the data and information our system stores never falls into the wrong hands. However, keeping users’ login data safe is a shared responsibility. 

To make this easier, our system provides the option of two-step verification for login; we suggest the use of this feature to every Fluenta user. 

Multifactor authentication provides an extra layer of protection for user accounts in case the password is somehow compromised. This security feature adds another step to the login process: after entering the email address and password, the system requires an additional verification code that the user receives in the authenticator application of their choosing (e.g. Microsoft, Google). There are different settings available for the frequency of the system requiring this extra step.

We aim to encourage our users to develop conscious and secure system usage practices, while we ourselves take any precautions we can to keep their data safe. 


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