Auction Mentor services, tailored to your needs!

As part of our professional services, our team takes on the complete process of organizing the auction for you, from the preparation of the auction, through the notification and education of participants, to the delivery of the reports.

Thanks to our audited system, each and every step of the auction is documented, so you can look up any details of the process, or even follow the competition live.

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    Safe, fair-play auction
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    Closed, audited system
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    Practice opportunity for participants prior to the live event
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    Minutes of the entire auction
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Try our amazing Auction Mentor service with guaranteed success – and pay only after the gains.

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Professional support for the best conditions

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    Expert help in choosing the auction type
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    Designing an auction strategy based on best practices and our decades-long experience
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    Constant professional supervision during the entire auction process
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Learn more about our Auction Mentor services

  • Why use electronic auctions?
    • You can significantly reduce the length of your selling processes.
    • You can have your potential customers compete simultaneously and under the same conditions.
    • You can sell products and services at the best possible prices.
    • You can develop new sales relationships.
    • Our system is fully audited; you can track every step of your auction.
    • The auction can be paused and resumed at any time.
  • What is included in our consultancy services?

    To achieve the best auction results, our experts will tackle the following tasks for you:

    • Before the auction is published, we review the auction call and identify any potential problem areas.
    • We make a suggestion for the most effective auction strategy and type.
    • We notify the requested participants and register them in the Fluenta Auction system.
    • We configure the auction system and set the parameters according to the previously agreed-upon requirements.
    • We prepare the bidders for the use of the system online, and we provide support as required during the live auction as well.
      Our experts are available both online and on the phone during the entire auction.
    • We prepare reports on participant activities and the development of prices during the auction; we also log all events during the course of the auction.
    • We ensure that the necessary data is backed up; documents are stored on our own equipment, in accordance with the relevant legal requirements.
    • If required, we can provide the auction organizer with 1 user with observer rights to monitor the auction online.
    • In addition to running the Fluenta system, we provide disaster management and recovery services to ensure smooth and seamless transactions.
  • What kinds of auctions are available in the system?
    • English (traditional) auction:
      Participants can place an unlimited number of bids within a certain time limit and under certain rules.
    • Dutch auction:
      Starting from a very low initial price, the system periodically increases the price level in pre-defined increments.
    • Japanese auction:

      Starting from a very high initial price, the system periodically decreases the price level in pre-defined increments.
      Participants must accept the offer in each round. If they miss one round, they will not be allowed to participate in the following ones.
      The competition for the particular item is over if the bid is not accepted by the last bidder.

  • Even more auction types...
    • Bundle auction
      Offers are requested for one or more items in parallel. It is possible to have bidders compete for hundreds of items at the same time by requesting detailed, item-level offers in an Excel file (e.g. for office supplies). The auction winner is selected based on the total of the bids on every item.
    • Cherry-picking auction
      Offers are also requested for several items in parallel. Unlike a bundle auction, each item can be won by different participants.
    • Scorecard auction
      During the bidding process, bids are adjusted by certain weights assigned to each supplier. The winning bidder will be selected based on these weight-modified bids.
    • Multi-parametric auction
      Participants compete in parallel along several parameters (e.g. price, payment deadline, delivery deadline). The parameters competing in the auction are assigned predefined weights.
    • Reserve price auction
      Competition is open until a pre-defined price advantage is reached. If this is not achieved, the current supplier wins.
    • Discount auction
      An auction type for distributor competition, where participants bid on the level of discount (in percentage points) from the manufacturer's published list price.

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