Lengthy, paper-based approvals?

Leave them in the past!

Introducing the

Fluenta University

software package.

Two out of Hungary's three largest universities already use Fluenta to digitize their workflows!

We are aware of the complexity of the organisation of institutions in higher education and the challenges that a simple approval process can present due to the hierarchical structure.


Say goodbye to paper-based workflows!

Our University package is specifically designed to replace the paper-based internal approval processes in the higher education framework. Go digital, approve your processes with a click and stop wasting time on unnecessary emails! Thanks to our fully audited system, you don't have to worry about inspections either!


What are the main features of Fluenta University?

  • Transparent requisition processes, aiding centralized operations;
  • Traceability across faculties;
  • Supporting communication between departments;
  • Reportability up to the Dean's level;
  • Easy-to-use approval system;
  • Secure, closed, audited system;
  • Preparing public procurements;
  • Monitoring budgets (on the faculty, school, and department levels).


Who do we recommend it to?

Institutions with a complex, hierarchical structure where the following problems need to be addressed:

  • Paper-based approval processes, done on printed-out forms;
  • Multiple approvers in the same process, slowing down procedures;
  • Lost copies and email messages cause disruption;
  • Too much time passes between submitting and processing requisitions;
  • Staff work in several smaller subsystems that are not connectable or navigable;
  • There is a need for electronic authorization processes (e.g. to authorise purchases and trainings, for the installation of equipment, or the completion of travel questionnaires).

Even more benefits of
Fluenta University


Distance is not an obstacle!

Our online system brings the requester and the process controllers closer together.


Easy-to-access templates

No need to review old processes, use the latest requisition templates!


Reportable requisition management

Data fields are easy to search, aggregate and export from the system.


Full control over approvals

The transparent approval chain makes it easy to track the status of each workflow.


Transparent digitized processes

We help you digitize and optimize existing paper-based processes to increase efficiency.


Permission-based access

Customizing permissions allows everyone to see exactly as much of the processes as they need.

How much does Fluenta cost?

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